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The Haftorah for Parshat Kedoshim

B’Nail Yisrael are Special & Eternal

The Haftorah is read from the book of Amos, 9:7-15.
Amos is the third book in the order of the Trai Assar, The Twelve Prophets. (He was probably first of them chronologically)


If a lion roars who won’t be afraid? Hashem spoke, who isn’t going to understand? –Amos 3:4


The connection of the Haftorah to the Parsha: In the Parsha of Kedoshim it is stressed that going forward the Jewish people "shall be holy". The Parsha continues with a warning that Hashem will only protect the Jewish people, if they distinguish themselves from other nations by following the holy laws of Hashem and not following the Pagan customs of other nations.

The storyline of this week’s Haftorah: B'nai Yisrael stands out from the rest of the nations. We are compared to the people of Kush or Ethiopians. Initially, it may appear to be an insult, but in truth, it's actually a compliment. The Kushim had this beautiful bronze colored skin -Moses' wife was from Kush. The prophet Amos was reassuring the Jewish people that even though you will be exiled and mixed in with another nation, Hashem will be able to pick you out of the crowd. Just as easy as it was to tell from a light colored skin person from a dark colored skin person. The ten tribes of the northern state of "Israel" will first be exiled. Then many of them will be killed and eventually the Northern Kingdom and its evil people will disappear. However the righteous Jewish people will survive the exile. The Davidic Dynasty will one day be restored. After the sinners will be wiped out a day will come when there will be an ingathering of the righteous Jewish people and the Nation of Israel will be reestablished. The second Holy temple will be rebuilt. The war of Gog-and Magog also know as Armageddon will pass and the Jewish people will dominate over their enemies -The Edomoites, Philistines, Amonites, and Moabites. Bnei Yisrael will enjoy supernatural abundance in their land. I guess Amos was right regarding Hashem's blessing for the land of Israel. Why don't we just start with the delicious Jaffa oranges, the amazing fruits, vegetables and dairy products that Israel exports globally. Some of the kosher wines that come from Israel are winning gold medal in wine contests. The chocolates, oh those chocolates; how they taste so good! Then Bnei Yisrael will rebuild the land of Israel and remain it forever. The Haftorah concludes with the prophet Amos predicting that one day all the Jewish exiles will return to the land of Israel and rebuild it and live there in safety forever because they will observe the laws of the Torah.

The Prophet Amos by: Gustave Dore

Amos’ Biography:

  • The meaning of his name is either “burden" or "bearer of burden".
  • Was born in the mountain top city of Tekoa in Land of Judah where he prophesied from 765 to 750 B.C. Amos stuttered. He might have been the earliest of the "Trai Assar". Like all prophets, he was wealthy.
  • Was a herdsman and also owned sycamore trees.
  • He lived in the time of Uzziah, King of Judah and the prophets Hosea, Isaiah and Michah.

Famous Phrases: Amos 9:14, “Vshavti et shivut ami Yisroel” Hashem says, “I will return the exiled of my nation, Israel. And more so, Hashem promises, Amos 9:15 “unitateem al admatam v’lo yenutshu od maal admatam” “I will plant them on their land and they will never again be uprooted from their land.”

Haftorahman’s lesson of the week: The ten Tribes of B’nai Yisrael had the four following sins that Hashem was unhappy with: 1) idolatry 2) immorality 3) bloodshed 4) an Israelite Judge could be bribed. The first three Hashem was willing to forgive but the fourth Hashem wasn't willing to forgive. An honest man must be entitled to a fair trial and if human beings are going to "play G-d” with other peoples lives, they better be honest.

Map: Amos was from the city of Tekoah (south of Jerusalem) & prophesied in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Maps: Coleman Bible Atlas

Maps: Coleman Bible Atlas

Timeline: Amos’s prophetic period took place about 2600 years ago, after the building of the first Holy temple and before its destruction. The ten Northern tribes are about to be exiled to Babylon.


Timeline: Dor L’Dor by: Ephraim Waxman Feldheim Press


Written by: Reuben Gavriel Ben Nissim Ebrahimoff 5769-2009