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Reuben Ebrahimoff, also affectionately known as “The Haftorahman”, was born in Kew Gardens, Queens, NY in 1959. He is one of 3 sons born to Nissim (z"l) (London) and Sylvia (z”l) (Kelaty) Ebrahimoff (Bombay). Reuben was the first Mashadi Jew from Persia to attend Yeshiva in the U.S.A.

Under the tutelage of Rabbi Shimon Kessin of Brooklyn, NY, Reuben was inspired to learn about the Biblical Prophets. In turn, he noticed that many people knew little or nothing about the Haftorahs. Gifted with extraordinary oratory and people skills, Reuben began to speak about them at his Synagogue, Sh’are Tova in Kew Gardens, Queens. The audiences enjoyed Reuben's enthusiasm, humor and insight into the topic of the Haftorahs. Buoyed by his synagogue audience’s reception, Reuben set a goal to speak in over 100 Synagogues in order to inspire people’s interest in the topic. To date, he has spoken in over 100 different congregations worldwide.

With the vision of reaching even greater audiences, Reuben committed to proliferating and disseminating the Haftorah both through publishing weekly Haftorahman Handouts and through weekly online videos, available on OU.Org and Youtube.

The weekly Haftorahman Handout is clear and colorful. It’s a virtual crash course on Jewish history that is compact given the breathtaking scope of information packed into each one.

Finding the common thread of each Haftorah, Reuben compiled each handout by the “7 things you need to know about every Haftorah: 1) The connection to the Parashah 2) The Biography of the authoring Prophet 3) A Map of where the Haftorah story took place. 4) Timeline 5) Famous Phrases 6) The Story line 7) the lesson to be learned.

Currently, over 2,000 people receive his weekly handout.

Every Shabbat for the past 12 seasons, Reuben has taught a series of classes titled “The World of the Prophets” at The Hamptons Synagogue in Westhampton Beach, NY.

Reuben has just completed a user's guide to the Book of Tehillim entitled From Your Lips to God’s Ears, The 10 Things You Need To Know About the Book of Tehillim - Psalms. Available worldwide in the September 2016.

Upcoming is the Biblical Origins of the Jewish Holidays Calendar.

Reuben is President of Brilliant I.D.E.A.S. a jewelry manufacturing company, located in NYC. He lives on the Westside of Manhattan and has one daughter, Abigail.




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